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recognize that left eye the guy driving the taxi is steve dash playing jason, the deranged killer from the first two "friday the 13th" >> turning towards alaska. >> wrong sound there. that -- you'll hear that story coming up sports in just a bit. >> story telling about was steve dash in "friday the 13th" movies he's appeared in 42 films. so he's perfect for driving people on halloween. >> yes. coming up the new job for the man that leaked private information about nsa. >> plus, millions will see government benefits cut as of tomorrow. impact we'll see in california. >> she's 83 years old and an international jewel thief? what she has to say about her crimes we'll have the story coming up. >> after a long study and lots of deliberation, passengers no longer have to put away hand held so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can >>> one in seven americans received food stamps tomorrow, benefits will drop. >> now, why this is happ
play wall street, too. apple is a mindful company. for years, steve jobs was directive of wall street, it's important. >> tote, it sold close to 30 million iphones. ceo tim cook told reporters that apple's success tied to customer satisfaction, usage and customer loyalty. apple going after consumers in china, making 60% of the revenue from international sales. also getting pressure from carl icon. who would like to see apple spend for stock buy backs. apple's quarterly profit several hundred million lower than a year ago. it faces competition from samsung. >> there are more tablets out there than back in 2007 when apple came out with iphone. but i think apple continued to release a product that is very high quality, people want. that exceeds or equal to competition out there. >> obama administration announced it's granting a six-week extension for americans to sign up for health insurance and avoid paying penalties. the deadline is now march 31. this is the wake of technical problem wtz health web site you've heard b yesterday a data center went down, stopping online enrollme
>> the home steve jobs built the first apple computers is now on historic december nation. >> jobs moved into the home with his foster parents in 1968. he and apple co-founder built the first apple one computers in the garage. the home is owned by jobs sister. any proposed modifications require review. >> another company welcomed high school students for a rare opportunity. >> microsoft invited children to their mountain view campus for friendly competition. abc7 news has the story. >> ideas came fast from four high school students. >> i think obesity is something we can tackle >> this group is smart part of the junior innovation camp the 30 or so chosen students came up with a stlugs a local, national or global concern after debate, team skiep had a plan >> it would be useful for high school students say charging your iphone and pedalling at the same time. >> this is environmentally friendly. >> each group gets a mentor, helping them formulate a plan. past winning ideas included a retractible hypodermic needle, and a vegetable vending machine. students see this as an incredible opportun
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3